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A selection of my articles and blog posts.


The Ending of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Explained

Elemental Review: A Magical World, A Mediocre Story

Willem Dafoe Goes Inside His Astonishing Performances -- Exclusive Interview

Avatar: The Way of Water Review: A Visually Stunning Yet Unsatisfying Splash Into Pandora

Things Only Adults Notice in The Emperor's New Groove

Small Details You Missed In Disenchanted

12 Movies About Mental Health to Add to Your Must-Watch List

Anthony and Joe Russo Bring The Gray Man Out of the Shadows -- Exclusive Interview

Social Identity Theory—Are We the Company We Keep

Why We Worship Celebrities and How It Impacts Our Mental Health

Mind in the Media: How 'Beef' Sheds Light on the Value of Open Connection

Overview of the Gottman Method

Mind in the Media: What's So Appealing About Oddball Wednesday Addams?

What Is a Parasocial Relationship?

UX Design Institute

UX Design for VR (Virtual Reality): Creating Immersive User Experience

The Role of Emotion in UX Design: Creating Affective Interfaces

11 Popular UX Job Roles and Titles Explained


Review: Cruella Gives Disney's Iconic Villain a Rollicking, Rock 'n' Roll Origin

It's Time for a Dark Angel Reboot

Interview: Brian Henson Talks Bringing New Talk Show, Earth To Ned, to the Small Screen

Living Life Fearless

Self-Defining Stories: What Our Shifting Pop Culture Preferences Tell Us About Ourselves

Is Onscreen Diversity in Danger of Becoming a Gimmick?



What Makes the “Uncanny Valley” So Unsettling?

An Introduction to Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development

FanSided​'s ShowSnob


What CBS Potentially Dropping Nielsen Ratings Means in the Age of On-Demand

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4, Part 1 Recaps and Review


12 Marvel Villains That Hurt Franchises (and 13 That Saved Them)

10 Casting Decisions That Hurt the Star Wars Prequels (and 10 That Saved Them)

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