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"Cynthia is a great writer and someone who can tackle any subject and turn out copy quickly while always maintaining high quality. She is dedicated and reliable and is a value to anyone she writes for. Cynthia is a true asset at ShowSnob and someone that we know we can count on to deliver the best articles, on time, with a unique voice that is a pleasure to read."

— Shawn S. Lealos, Editor, FanSided's ShowSnob


Cynthia is exactly the kind of writer every editor wants on a team. Not only is her voice distinct yet adaptive, she also has a keen eye for topics that drive traffic. With work that is engaging, well-researched and always on time, Cynthia is a valued member of our global editorial family at

— Steve Paugh, Managing Editor,

"Cynthia is an outstanding writer who can make even the most complex ideas accessible and engaging.  On ThoughtCo, she writes brilliantly about fundamental psychological concepts, synthesizing established theories with the latest research for our audience of lifelong learners. Cynthia tackles new topics with enthusiasm, and her writing is always crisp, clear, and thoughtfully organized. It’s a pleasure to work with her!"

— Olivia Valdes, Associate Editor, ThoughtCo

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"Cynthia is the real deal. No other writer can come close to her level of expertise or her writing ability. She’s an expert researcher whose ability to explain complicated topics in an engaging way is unparalleled"

— Karen E. Dill-Shackleford, Co-Author, Mad Men Unzipped & Finding Truth in Fiction

"It's not always easy to write about complicated subjects like the weird workings of the human brain in a way a casual reader will understand, but Cynthia does it effortlessly and in a really engaging way. Her work for our magazine was no exception, and it was a joy developing an article with her as an editor. Cynthia was always receptive to edits and hit every deadline like a champ.

— John Back, Art & Popular Culture Editor, Lateral Magazine

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