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Aspen Dental Schedule an Appointment, mobile & desktop

Client: Aspen Dental


I created the user experience for Aspen Dental's redesign of their online appointment scheduling system. The project called for a number of additions to the existing desktop scheduler as well as a new mobile appointment scheduling system. The two systems were designed in tandem and have similar functionality. 


Each of three rounds of wireframes were followed by user testing that informed the subsequent tweaks and adjustments to the user experience design in the next round. For each round of user testing I created prototypes with Axure to allow testers to have the most authentic interactive experience possible. The final user experience was, consequently, based on the feedback from multiple rounds of user testing and was designed to make the scheduling experience functional and easy whether the user is looking for an appointment on their mobile phone or their desktop or laptop computer. Both wireframes and final screenshots from the mobile and desktop experiences can be seen here.

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