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Castrol website refresh

Client: Castrol


I designed the user experience for a majority of the refresh of Castrol's website. The project started with a thorough scoping phase in which I analyzed Castrol's user research on their consumers and consolidated that information into personas and user goals. I then did a comprehensive analysis of Castrol's existing website, made some user recommendations, and created a feature set and a high level site map for the refresh. From this work it became obvious that two major goals of the project should be to streamline the site in order to minimize the number of pages between users and desired content and to use clear and understandable nomenclature.


Pieces of the various scoping elements are shown here along with two site maps that show the development from high level during the scoping phase to more detailed during the design phase. Because I left the project before its completion, the detailed site map here is not final, but it shows the project's direction and the progress made toward streamlining the site.

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