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Mandalay Bay website redesign

Client: Mandalay Bay


I led the user experience effort for the redesign of Mandalay Bay's website. One of the challenges presented by the client was to provide solutions to communicate that there are in fact three hotels available on the resort’s property - Mandalay Bay, THEhotel, and The Four Seasons. Our solution was to seamlessly integrate THEhotel and Four Seasons into the website utilizing the pages for these hotels in the Rooms & Suites section to summarize the features and facilities available at the hotels while providing information on the unique rooms and suites available at the hotels, as well as links to options for restaurants and recreation located in the specific hotel. Pages within the site that are specific to THEhotel or Four Seasons have a THEhotel or Four Seasons branded feel that differentiate them from the rest of the Mandalay Bay website, and the logos in the header for THEhotel or Four Seasons enlarge when the user is on a page specific to these hotels.


The evolution of this solution is shown here, from the proposed user workflow to the wireframe sketches to the annotated wireframes to the final designs for the Rooms & Suites and THEhotel pages.






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